Our Mission

Photo by lukbar/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by lukbar/iStock / Getty Images

Young Moderates for America...

Our mission at Young Moderates for America is to serve as a clearinghouse for new, innovative, “outside-the-box” solutions to our nation’s most pressing issues. There are millions of young people across the United States who see and feel the effects of political dysfunction. These Millennials have ideas to solve our problems but due to the nature of the political system, these ideas are unable to penetrate the K Street stronghold on Washington. We want to take on that stronghold.

We intend to create an online platform for young people to share and promote original public policy ideas that are inherently outside of the political system. For instance, instead of talking about retirement security and focusing on cuts to Social Security or Medicare, we should talk about government-funded 401(k) or IRA programs. Instead of speaking about healthcare reform and rehashing the fight over ObamaCare, we will talk about all the options we have in restructuring our healthcare system and elevate the dialogue on that issue.

By tapping into our generation’s unique entrepreneurialism, innovative nature, and problem solving mindset, Young Moderates for America will engage thoughtful, pragmatic, and open-minded citizens. Generation Y is the right generation for this problem. It will be our mission to bring this generation to the table and promote the spread of new ideas to solve the most important issues of our time.